These are four health problems that often appear when driving

Driving is indeed a work that must be done with full concentration and maximum focus. This is because driving requires caution that is high enough to avoid traffic accidents that can occur on the streets. If you often drive, you can do DOT physical before driving or before you get a driving license. That way, you can drive safely and comfortably Southside Jacksonville Chiropractor.

In fact, for those who often drive also often feel some health problems while driving. For this reason, medical tests must be done beforehand. Some health problems that can occur are

1. Increased levels of sugar and blood cholesterol – this is the impact of an increase in the hormone cortisol that is not controlled. Stress conditions when driving are also caused by you being less active, resulting in slower metabolism of blood sugar. However, in contrast to blood sugar levels that can change, cholesterol levels in the blood can get worse over time due to continuous exposure to stress.

2. Increasing blood pressure – driving conditions are very easy to affect a person’s blood pressure, especially when there is anxiety due to driving during rush hour. Stress conditions with increased blood pressure every day can trigger the development of heart disease.

3. Sleep disturbances – feeling tired after working and driving can cause a decrease in the quality of a night’s rest. This gets worse if you experience stress when driving at night because the condition of “fight or flight” can make it difficult to fall asleep and become more tired the next day.

4. Triggering unhealthy lifestyles – even though it is not realized, stress when driving is very wasteful because it tends to occur for a long time. As a result, you feel very tired and lose time to exercise. Stress conditions also trigger unhealthy consumption patterns because they cause the desire to eat more high-sugar and fat foods.

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