Packing Clothes Efficiently

Try to fold clothes neatly and tightly so you can put as much as possible into your suitcase or cardboard. We recommend that you turn over your clothes (inside and outside) when folding to make it easier for you to handle folds when you open them. Bundling clothes can also be a good choice if you don’t mind clothes a little tangled. If you want to move house, you can do this method. In addition, you can visit packers singapore to get help to move house .

To bundle clothes, spread large clothes on the table/bed surface. You can use a jacket, coat or large sweater.
Place other clothes one by one on top. Start with the biggest clothes and work toward the middle until you put the smallest size clothes.
Now take one of the biggest ends of the clothes that are the base. Begin to roll all the clothes that have been arranged as close as possible until they become a bundle. You can tie it with a hair tie or some rubber bands so that the roll is not released.

Put the clothes in a small cardboard box. As with books, the weight of clothes is often underestimated. Therefore, it is better to put clothes into small boxes rather than using only 1-2 large boxes. If not, the bottom of the cardboard will break down, and complicate the transportation process.

If you buy / borrow cardboard for packing clothes, choose a 30×30 cm size. Larger cardboard boxes will be difficult to lift.
When packing, lift the cardboard occasionally. In this way, you can estimate how heavy the cardboard is and determine when to use the next cardboard.

Use a suitcase to transport clothes. This might be the most economical way to transport clothes (of course if you already have one). You simply fold the clothes neatly, then stack them in the suitcase. We recommend that you place long/short pants at the bottom so that you leave room for shirts and dresses at the top.

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