Know this for improving the security of your PC

Public wifi is of course fun. You can access the internet without being cut off by quota. However, hotspots in public places can be very risky. It is possible, someone in the public place installed data recording software, which can record the site address that you access, your username, and password. If you just log in to a social media account it might not be a problem. But you should not access your e-banking account or e-mail in public places. False, your important information can be stolen, then used for its own sake. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to try the high-quality multi factor authentication two factor authentication.

Use complicated password combinations

One other security tip is to use a complicated password combination. If the keyword you are using is a vocabulary in the dictionary, such a password will be exposed using the program in just 2 seconds. While the combination of numbers, punctuation, and uppercase lowercase letters can only be dismantled with estimates of around millions of years!

However, isn’t it difficult to remember passwords with complicated keywords?

Edward Snowden gave tips about this. We have to change our mindset about “passwords” to “passphrases”, aka key phrases. So we not only make passwords from one word, but a combination of several words, numbers, and punctuation.

If we make a password with a phrase, say “100% LoveFast & Furious”. This is easier to remember than “F @ 2t & Fur10us”. Using sentences, we have got a strong but easy to remember the password.

Using ACL (Access Control List)

Another tip to improve computer security is to use an ACL. An ACL, or an Access control list, is sorting data traffic by category. This will be crucial when you need control in data traffic.

Secure Wireless Connection

If at home or in your office using wifi, always install a password for your wifi. It’s better if the password is changed regularly. Thus, people cannot access your wifi carelessly.

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