Can You Take Medicine After Drinking Coffee?

Just got a cup of coffee, suddenly the head hurts or starts to feel a fever. Maybe now you are very upset, wondering if you can take medicine after drinking coffee? Instead of getting confused, find out the answer here. Apart from that, perhaps you must also know about the excellent site to buy coffee beans online.

Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant to stimulate the heart and brain to work faster than usual. That’s why after coffee you feel more literate and focused.

However, caffeine can interfere with the process of absorption of drugs in the stomach and small intestine so that the work of the drug may be less effective in dealing with the disease you are experiencing.

Not only that. Taking medication immediately after drinking coffee can also cause a heart rate to increase dramatically which is certainly not good for heart health. Moreover, caffeine can last longer in the body than the drug itself. Even in severe cases, taking medication after drinking coffee can also trigger caffeine poisoning due to the interaction between drugs and caffeine.

These effects usually occur in antidepressant drugs, estrogen, blood thinners, quinolone antibiotics, and drugs for thyroid disorders and osteoporosis.

When can I take medicine after drinking coffee?

Try to give a break of 3-4 hours after drinking coffee if you are going to use certain drugs.

It is best to ask your doctor and pharmacist directly about the details of the safe time to drink coffee before or has taken medication. Because certain drugs require you to avoid coffee and other forms of caffeine (such as tea, energy drinks, and soda) in the last 24 hours to avoid unwanted side effects.

Before taking medicine, pay attention to this too

In order for the drug to work optimally, it is important for you to read the rules for using drugs that are usually printed on the packaging label. Especially if you take medicine without a prescription that is sold in pharmacies or markets. Understand and examine how many doses you should use and when it is recommended to consume them.

In addition, find out whether the drug should be taken before or after meals. No less important, make sure also if the medication you are using is in accordance with the disease you have.

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