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With a huge variety of lenders out there, and with text loan lenders getting a bad press it can be difficult to know which way to turn. We offer advice and explanations about the text loan lender market, we try and explain what these short term loans are and how you go about lending.

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Welcome to our website, we aim to bring you a comprehensive list of all the payday loan and text loan lenders avaliable to residents of the UK, unlike many other website we list all the direct payday loan lenders, these are direct payday lenders that can have cash in your bank account, We also update this website on a regular basis to bring you the new payday loan and text loan lenders. 

We only list the payday loan companies and not brokers, meaning that you can guarantee a payday loan with us.

We also offer advice on how to manage your finances better, because a text loan should only ever be used for a very short period. If you leave it any longer than a few days you will be heavily stung by the lenders.

 There are a number of pages on this site designed to offer advice, so please browse around and let us know any feedabck you have, we're always looking to improve the services offered to our clients.

The chances are you found yourself looking at this website as you are looking for a quick text loan or wage advance loan also known as payday loans. If you are looking for a cash loan then a text for a loan or a payday loan is the loans which are best suited for you. These companies will take your application all online and then the loan provider will put the cash loan in an instant in to your bank account.These types of loans are an unsecured loan which you will have to repay in 1 month or 12 months at the maximum.  You can now get pay day loans in which you are given 12 months to repay the loan. If you would like a loan today then click on the red button at the top of this page where you can see a list of text a loan companies and pay day cash loan lenders.

Where can I find a list of text loans lenders?

If you click on the big button on the top of this page, this will direct you to a list of all the instant text loan lenders available to you in the United Kingdom, these lenders are direct lenders and are not brokers.

What are text loans?

Text loans or sms loans as they are also reffered to is another term for a pay day loan except with a text loan all you have to do is send a text message to the lender in order for you receive a loan. These typres of loans are only designed for short term only.

How Much Will A Text Loan Lender Lend Me?

The amount you will be able to borrow will be anywhere between £100-£1200 this will have to be repaid within 31 days, some text loans lenders will let you defer the payment for an extra month but this will cost more money.

What is needed in order to receive a txt loan?

The most important thing you will need is a mobile phone that can receive and send text messages, You will then have to be over the age of 18, live in the United Kingdom, receive a regular income this can be from employment but some lenders will accept your loan application even if you are on benefits you will also need a bank account that is in your name and has a direct debit facility this is to enable the text loan lender to collect their money on the agreed repayment date.

How Quick Will I Receive The Money?

Text loans are the quickest way of receiving a loan, the money will be in your bank account within just 15 minutes of you sending a txt message to the lender.This is very fast compared to other lending sources.

I Have Bad Credit Is This A Problem?

There are no credit checks when it comes to text loans or pay day loans this is why some people refer to them as no credit check loans, the lender will lend you money regardless of your credit past.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a small fee charged by the lender to borrow money and this fee will vary lender by lender but the average charge is around £20 per £100 borrowed, this means if you borrowed £100 the text loan lender will charge you £20 to borrow it. So the total you will have to repay is £120, if you borrowed £500 you will have to repay £600 and so on.

Can I get a loan at weekends?

The reason text loans are so popular is the fact you can apply for a loan and receive the money at weekends, bank holidays and even in the evenings. Meaning you can apply for a text loan at the weekend if you need a loan. Text loan lenders can still have the money in your account at weekends and bank holidays meaning you dont have to wait untill the next working day for the funds.

How Do I Apply For A Loan?

Fitst of all you will need a mobile phone so you can can apply for a mobile text loan and then If you click on the button on the top of this page you will be sent to our instant text loan lenders page, here you will see a list of all the text loan lenders, some of these lenders are new text loan lenders. Just see which lender is suited to you and click on the apply now, you will then have to register with a text loan lender, don’t worry the process is straight forward, you will have to fill in details and yourself and your income.

New Text Loan Lenders.

New text loan lenders and new payday loan lenders are always being formed that why we are always updating out text loan lenders list so keep popping back for a list of our new text loan lenders

I Am On Benefits or Unemployed Can I Get An Instant Text Loan?

Of course you can get a instant text loan on benefits you can also get a payday loan on benefits, if you are in receipt of job seekers allowance or any other form of benefits you can get a text loan, as long as you can prove that you are receiving regular income and this income shows on your bank statements then you loan application will be approved.

No Debit Card Does This Matter?

No debit card text loan or no debit pay day loan lenders are avaliable you do not need a debit card aslong as your bank account accepts direct debits you will be fine

How Long Is The Loan For?

Some text loan and pay day loans are for 1 month 2 months or even 3 months, but remember if you do decide to take out a 3 month pay day loan this could end up being expensive.

I want a £1000 text loan will any of the text loan providers in the UK lend me this amount?

Yes there are quite a few text pay day loan providers that will lend you this amount. You may also get smaller amounts, from £100, £200, £300 often when you are a new customer the lender will only allow you to borrow a smaller loan

I want a loan by text is this the same as a text for cash loan?

Loan by text, sms loan, txt loan, mint text loan, text for a loan, text for loan are all the same thing people just call them different names but they all fall under the category of text pay day loans.

How fast is a fast text loan?

Text loan providers are very fast in the UK depositing the cash in to your bank account even at weekends or bank holidays the text loan provider will have your money in your account within 15 minutes. Most of the text loan and payday loan companies guarantee you will have the money in your account within 15 minutes, so thats guaranteed cash in your account in under 15 minutes, another reason why payday loan companies and text loan compaines are so popular.

Where can i compare text loans lenders?

Click the button at the top of this page and then you will be able to compare text loan lenders.

Can i get a text loan today?

Yes you can get a text loan today if you apply for a text loan now it will be in your bank account within 15 minutes.

What is a mini text loan?

A mini text loan is called a mini text loan as its only a small amount of money hence the name mini text loans

I dont want a text loan but i want a payday loan?

If you click on our payday loan lenders page this will show you a list of all the payday loan companies, the list is kept upto date to insure we list all the new payday lenders.

I am looking for a payday loan broker?

Sorry but we only list direct lenders

Can I Apply For A Payday Loan Or Txt Loan Over The Phone?

Many lenders take your application online, making them a quick way of getting an instant loan, but you can always apply over the phone, if you look at the top of this page you will find the phone number to call, lines are even open at weekends and at bank holidays.


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